Maratheftiko Grape

Maratheftiko is an ancient grape variety that comes from Cyprus. It is also known as Vamvakada, Vamvakina, Pampakia, Mavrosportiko and Aloupostafylo.

This rare red Cypriot grape was rediscovered about 30 years ago. Initially, this grape variety was used only in the winemaking process to add color and body to wines from the Mavro variety. It represents less than 5% of the cultivated vineyards of the island.

Unlike most grape varieties, Maratheftiko cannot self-pollinate and requires co-cultivation with other varieties in order to achieve fertilization and fruit growth. As a result of poor fertilization, bunches are often affected by Millerandage. Millerandage is a potential problem of vineyard risk in which the bunches contain fruits that differ in size and mainly in maturity.

In recent years, the wines from Maratheftiko have evolved and are constantly winning awards in international competitions.

Full body, deep red color, aromas of fruits and flowers, mixed with aromas of forest fruits. give a complexity of aromas and flavors to the palate.

The good balance of acidity, alcohol and tannins compose the perfect accompaniment to a variety of meat dishes that fully respect the origin of the wine.